2020 Scout Season Kick Off!

While it has been a very abnormal year we are preparing to start our 2020 cub scout year strong with a recruitment event in September and Camp out the first weekend in October. Please join us on our facebook page or take a look at the sidebar for the published calendar.

We are asking friends and family to invite others to join our pack. The more participants we have the more fun we can create. We openly invite all community members to come and try out a meeting with no obligations.

We are changing up the schedule a little bit this year to shorten the meetings to 30 minutes but will do them every week to keep the scouts connected. We will be holding as many meetings outdoors as possible so stay tuned for more details.

In addition to kicking off our scout season Popcorn Selling is now officially underway. If you require forms for selling please email us or come to our first meeting to pick up. Given the recent quarantine we are a little behind on our fundraising since we were unable to host he Memorial day sale. We will be following up with a few signups for show and sell time slots if door to door selling is not possible.

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